How to be happy

There are three types of happiness: Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose. Pleasure: When you have that bar of chocolate you get a jolt of pleasure. You feel a little better, a little happier. But five minutes later you either want another chocolate or you feel guilty about having the first one in the first place. The […]

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USHQ Lifeline

Free time management tool: what makes you tick

Getting to know yourself is a great way to start planning your future. It will also help you to answer interview questions because you will have a better understanding of what you are about. This free time management tool is called the Lifeline. Your life line: It is basically a chart of your happiness during […]

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You want to work from home? First define what your work really is.

So you want to work from home? First we need to understand what we mean by work and how that can help us to achieve a better life. We define our work in different ways: our job, our work, and our career. Your job normally defines the position that you hold in an organisation. It […]

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Towed takeoff in a Grob glider - amazing

Your self talk is holding you back

What did you not do today that if you had would have made the day truly excellent? Why did you not do it? Why did you do what you always do instead? Normally on a Sunday I like to relax and do as little as possible so that I am fresh and ready for the […]

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Whats your mood today?

Our life really is determined by the power of positive thinking

Is it possible that the day you had today was predetermined? I don’t mean by fate or by the stars. It was pre-determined largely by the thoughts that you had during your day. The power of positive thinking really does make a difference. A lot of what we do each and every day is dependent on […]

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The Brain

How to remember things

In order to understand how to remember things we need to understand an important part of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is part of the frontal lobe of the brain. This is the section where our thoughts appear to us. It’s the screen in our minds eye that we use to process our thoughts and […]

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The Earth

How to start an upward spiral

A journey of a thousand miles …. The premise of the upward spiral is that you actively do something that helps you change just a bit – something that makes a small positive difference in your life – and something else will change as well. I have tried to put things into four main categories […]

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An upward spiral

The elements of the upward spiral

What are the things that make our interactions positive enough that they lead to more positive interactions? For me the elements of an upward spiral life are: Being aware of my bad thinking habits and thus being able to more consciously act differently to how I normally would. Being happy. I think happiness creates success […]

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